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South Middle School is located at 33-63 Monument Street in Newburgh, NY. South Middle School is grades 6-8 middle school.

South Middle School offers three “houses” for our students to enroll in. Houses are small school within a school instructional units. South Middle School is made up of the following houses: Community and Government, Engineering/Technology, and Performing Arts


Our mission is to provide quality education with high expectations for all students in a learning environment that is safe, equitable, engaging, and respectful of diversity, designed to prepare students for success in an ever-changing world.


To create a model middle school wherein great leaders, teachers and students with the help of the community, will establish a vibrant learning culture by collaborating to meet the academic, emotional, social, physical needs of all students, evidenced by high student engagement and achievement.

We will accomplish this through a partnership that includes students, administrators, teachers, staff, family, and our community.


  1. To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children. 
  2. To develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school. 
  3. To develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement in efforts of student achievement and safety, highlighting the positives about South Middle School.
  4. To be solution-oriented for areas of improvement, volunteering and/or support events and activities and raising funds for certain South Middle School activities.